Ten of Denver's Best Music Producers

Ten of Denver's Best Music Producers
Courtesy of Streetlight Audio
Denver is blessed with a host of talented musicians of all genres, and most of them record at the many great Colorado studios. That inevitably means that behind the scenes, talented producers, engineers and all sorts of studio technicians are working their magic without much fanfare. Here's a shout-out to ten talented local producers, ordered alphabetically.

1. Jared Atol, Unscene Productions
Denver-based Unscene Productions is the brainchild of local man and Wyoming native Jared Atol, who more recently started the record label (R)evolve to release an album by his friend and local artist Ben Parrish. Atol has also worked with Summers Baker, Kayla Marque and Aaron Summerfield.

2. Davey Boy
Hip-hop producer Davey Boy has been making a name for himself thanks to his beats for artists such as Adonis Fox, Trev Rich and ATLA. He essentially creates beats that artists can purchase and use, which isn’t an unusual way to create and do business nowadays. Influenced by Timbaland and Pharrell, Davey Boy is one beatmaster worth keeping an eye on.
3. Kevin Clock, Colorado Sound
Kevin Clock has been in the biz since 1977, the year that he founded Colorado Sound. And that company name is entirely appropriate: Clock has been instrumental in molding the musical identity of this region thanks to his work with the Lumineers, Elephant Revival, Big Head Todd & the Monsters, Mollie O’Brien and the String Cheese Incident, among many others. Indeed, out-of-state artists from Eminem and Jackson Browne to Cypress Hill and REO Speedwagon clamor for Clock’s services. Recently, he's been recording remotely at Red Rocks for artists like Mumford & Sons and Amos Lee.
4. Ryan Conway, Conway Sound
University of Colorado grad Ryan Conway was, during his time at the school, one of the top students in both the recording arts, and scoring and arranging classical and jazz piano performances. This versatility has served him well since setting up his own studio, and Conway’s list of clients reads like a who’s who of the local R&B and hip-hop scenes. Trev Rich, New Profession, Eminence Ensemble, Turner Jackson, Motion Trap and Madison are just some of the great artists that he’s worked with. Meanwhile, Conway is equally as adept working with rock bands and EDM artists.

5. Evan Chavez, FTR Studios

Evan Chavez plays drums with local band the Jacob Cade Project, but since graduating with a bachelor of arts in sound recording technology in 2012, he’s worked with the likes of Andrew McMahon, 1000 Horses and Natalie Grant, plus local artists such as Whitfields, and Jonny 5 of the Flobots.

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