Denver's Own Trev Rich May Be Signing With Cash Money Records

Denver-based hip-hop artist Trev Rich may soon be signing with Ca$h Money Records. According to a story in The Source, Birdman signed the Colorado rising star a few weeks ago, a solid next step for Rich after the success of his 2016 album Rain in the Summer. Trev Rich and the label have not yet officially confirmed.

Being a part of Ca$h Money's Rich Gang is no small feat for any hip-hop artist. Ca$h Money is a Universal heavy hitter founded by Birdman that has boasted an impressive roster of talent through the years, including Lil' Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Bow Wow, DJ Khaled, The Game and many more. A few albums released under the label include Tha Carter III , Tha Carter IV and Drake's multi-platinum Views

Though not confirmed by the label, Rich made an announcement on Joe Budden's podcast on September 7. Former Westword music editor Dave Herrera posted a speculative piece on Rich's announcement.

How do you know if you made it in Denver? Pete of Colfax OG Pete's Kitchen asks for a picture to hang on his wall. "When Pete says congratulations on your success and takes a pic for the wall you gotta be doing something right. Shoutout the whole Pete's Kitchen family," Rich said on Facebook.

Rich told Westword in December 2015 that he had emotionally opened up for his latest projects, The Way We Love, his 2015 EP, and this year's Rain in the Summer. 

On fatherhood: "At the end of the day, you just have to balance your priorities, and my kids come first. When I do travel — and I'm always on the road, you know — I don't get to see them as much as I'd like to when I'm gone. Facetime calls and doing stuff like that just sometimes isn't enough. When I'm home, I like to spend as much time with them as possible."

On police brutality, Black Lives Matter: "I just feel like right now our youth is lost. And a lot of people who have power to say something to them, to kind of get through to them, don’t. That's my biggest thing right now is we have a lot of young kids who don't have a voice. I don't ever want someone to listen to my music and think it's talking about one color issue, because it's everybody. Black kid, white kid, Mexican kid, whatever, any race, any kid — they don't have a voice. No one is talking to them, they're just talking about them."

On feminism and The Way We Love: "Not every chick is a gold-digger, not every girl is a bitch, not every girl is a ho. That's kind of the mentality that these younger kids have — not just from music, but from TV, too. It's like love isn’t cool anymore. I have a daughter in a world where we downgrade women. That’s where we at now. All you hear is, 'She's a bitch, she's a ho and she's this, she's that.' Words are powerful."

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