Update 3/14/12: Radiohead at 1STBANK Center review posted with photos and setlist.

Desperately seeking Radiohead tickets: A Craigslist compilation

Looking for a date to Radiohead tonight at the 1STBANK Center? Why, you're in luck. We found a lovely lass willing to accompany you, as long as you're willing to give up one of your tickets. Other pleas have come pouring in from fans far and wide, those who stood in line (while pregnant, in one instance), only to be denied precious tickets to see Thom Yorke and company in the flesh. Naturally, those spurned fans have taken to the the Internet, seeking tickets for what surely will be THE BEST CONCERT OF THE YEAR IN DENVER. Here are some of the more memorable pleas we found online.

Need a date? She's got you covered:

Humor always works well. +1 for originality here:


For fans of a band who gave their fans the option to download an album for free, fairness is important:

And finally, a word of warning against "scum-sucker" ticket scalpers:

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