Dialed In: This week's local music radio playlists

Here what the area's local-centric specialty radio shows were spinning this week. We're currently tracking the playlists a number of different shows, including Radio 1190's long-running Local Shakedown, KTCL's Locals Only, the Colorado Sound, which originates at KRFC and is re-broadcast all over Colorado, and the Colorado Wave, which is syndicated on a number of stations across the country. See the full playlists posted after the jump.


American Relay - "Begin"
Hot IQs - "Elephant in White"
Nervesandgel - "The Sky Came Alive"
Cat-a-tac - "Burned"
Pee Pee - "Over the Hill"
Ang/Crispin Glover - "Where the Hell Are You?"
DLZN - "Ball Gag Asphyxia"
Coconut Beach - "Pray to Be Saved"
Denver Broncos - "Uncle John's Boat"
The Christines - "The Maker"
Wentworth Kersey - "Ears Burn"
Twice Wilted - "Brighter"
Ideal Fathers - "Failing at Friendly is Not an Option"
Hot Robots - "The Right Girl"
Pacific Pride - "Brittle Parts to be Bended"
Gypsy Cab Co. - "I Got the Blues"
Aenka - "Mylarism"
Soul Merchants - "Joanna"
Janet Feder - "Loose Slots"
Mustangs and Madras - "Dangling Modifier
Cowhause - "Bomb Shelter"
Red Cloud - "4AM"
Iuengliss - "Seeing Them Again"
Roger Green - "December"
La Donnas - "Wake Me"
Baldo Rex - "New Tattoo"


Synthetic Elements - "They'll Never Understand"
Life in Electric - "Saves the Day"
Lester Special - "Real Life"
Epilogues - "Hurting You"
Battleship Agenda - "Broken Glass"
Melissa Ivey - "Far Far Away"
Nautical Mile - "Rhythm"
Filthy T - "Catch Me It You Can"
Yellow Second - "Something to Do With You"
Vices I Admire - "Sweetest Girl"
Meese - "Next in Line (garage)"


Marijuana Deals Near You

The Photo Atlas - "Jealous Teeth"
The Varmints - "Red Rum"
Fierce Bad Rabbit - "Everything Is Alright"
Born in The Flood - "In Debt to the Heart"
Arliss Nancy - "The Empty Below"
Motorhome - "I Know Better"
The Railbenders - "Sweet Caroline"
Johnny Hickman - "Mr. Wrong"
The Piggies - "Who You Are"
The Jimi Austin - "Don't Panic"
Hot IQs - "Duck and Cover"
The Knew - "By Yourself"
Tt Lester - "We Can't Go On"
The Heyday - "Come In or Stay Out"
Devotchka - "The Enemy Guns"
Stella Luce - "Beltbomb Machine"
Fierce Bad Rabbit - "Someone Please"
Fierce Bad Rabbit - "Sink Like a Stone"
12 Cents for Marvin - "The Cure"
Born in The Flood - "Anthem"
Chronophonic - "Footwork"
Bop Skizzum - "Insomnia"
The Haggardies - "The One"
The Piggies - "The Others"
The Caleb Riley Funk Orchestra - "Stewed Tomatoes"
The Jars - "Drive"


Drew Bowden 3 - "Peaceful Now"
Static Field - "Now Is The Time"
Bettys Not A Vitamin - "Home"
Chocky Kay - "Sole Intention"
Melissa Ivey - "Lovers And Stars"
The Divvys - "Erased"
Reed Foehl - "Give You More"
Melanie Susuras Band - "Go"
The Brigadier - "When Will I Be With You"
Interstate Cowboy - "Lady Be Good"
Spencer Durham Group - "Evil Hearted Woman"
Subvocal - "Grounded"
The Elements - "Gypsy Blood"

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.