Did Big Boi reveal the first five singles off Sir Lucious Left Foot?

Last night, Big Boi and his new label Def Jam hosted a listening party for the long-awaited Sir Luscious Left Foot: Son of Chico Dusty. The main purpose of the party was to officially release the album's first single, "Shutterbugg," which, as you can hear above, is pretty great. But in the half-hour session, he also played four other tracks from the album. You can (sort of) listen to the whole thing below.

A disclaimers up front: While all five songs are played in the Ustream clip, only "Shutterbugg" is audible. The rest are rendered indiscernible fuzz and static by a crappy microphone. Still, after three years of waiting for this thing, we are so close to hearing the whole thing. Here is proof that the finished product exists, and probably has since August. Stupid label battles.

In case you don't feel like wading through that footage, which can be found at the very bottom of this post, here are the four songs other than "Shutterbugg" that he introduced:

At the thirteen-minute mark: "Turns Me On" At 17:27: "Tangerine" ft. T.I., which we've heard an unfinished clip of before. At 22:20: "General Patton" Big Boi also says he's finished the video for this one, which almost certainly means it will follow "Shutterbugg" as the second single. At 27:14: "Hustle Blood"

Now, we have no idea whether those other three will be singles or whether he was just playing a few random cuts. One thing we do know, from the video, is that the album will have fourteen tracks (and eighteen with the bonus disc). How the spectacularly awesome "Shine Blockas" and "For Your Sorrows" (both below) will fit into that equation remains to be seen. The general consensus is that Sir Luscious Left Foot will drop in early May. Get freakin' excited.

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