Did Prince really write a song for the Minnesota Vikings? Appears so.

Is it too late to add the song supposedly written by Prince for the Minnesota Vikings called "Purple and Gold" to the list of NFL Final Four horrible tribute smackdown? Holy hell. It sounds like some paleontological gospel tune that you happen upon during a late night broadcast while scanning the AM dial, the kind of ditty pulled from mothballs and broadcast from a remote, ramshackle trailer on the outskirts of civilization. Only it's not even that good.

For what it's worth, despite the fact that it's been reported by the Twin Cities Fox affiliate, who reportedly spoke with His Majesty, we're not convinced it's actually Prince. Hell even his tossoffs (see the intervening years between Sign 'O' the Times and, well, now) are of a higher caliber than what most people consider to be their greatest triumphs. Anybody else feel like we're being duped here?

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