Dio's home is for sale! Here's what we think didn't make the real estate listing

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A mansion once occupied by the late, great Ronnie James Dio, who passed away earlier this year, is up for sale, and it's just barely out of our price range at a mere $3,333,000! Based on the pictures that accompany the listing, it looks like quite the spread. While a few perks, such as the full-blown studio in the basement are detailed in the listing, we can't help but wonder what other mysteries await for the future owner of the castle home. We'd like to think that Dio might have hidden some totally awesome sculptures, secret rooms and altars deep inside his personal lair. After the break you'll find the things that we think were left out of the listing.

Possible hidden trumpet collection: It's rumored the previous owner started playing the trumpet at a young age, and we must say, the lovingly crafted cathedral-style vault ceilings make for excellent brass instrument acoustics. We're told this owner was also often referred to as a "metal-god," so he may have hid the instruments when guests came over. When you purchase this home you'll not only be privy to its old-world charm and self-cleaning oven, you'll also have a chance to play detective and search for these illusive instruments.

A gigantic rainbow: The previous owner was in a band who had several large set-pieces, many of which he saved as keepsakes of his time with many different rock and roll acts. Spread throughout the home you can find pieces of a massive rainbow embedded in the grains of the luxurious miles of imported wood.

Massive hidden "Murray" paintings: Aside from the hand-painted Griffin wallpaper adorning the walls of the dining area, you'll also find a collection of "Murray" paintings tucked away in the office spaces on the second level. We're told by an avid collector, these original works were featured on best-selling album covers. To accompany these pieces the seller is also including three sets of King Arthur era armor and matching sets of chain mail.

Never used Dr. X outfit: Other than the trumpets there is one item listed on the estate which we were not able to locate. It's titled "Dr. X outfit." Further research revealed this may have been in relation to a part the previous owner played in an album titled Operation:Mindcrime II. After scouring the house we were unable to locate the outfit, but it may be hidden in one of the many secret passageways you'll find scattered about the home.

Dragon bones in back yard: The previous owner of 4634 Encino Avenue was an avid hunter, however he was not able to store all of his prizes within the home. Due to the large nature of the bones, the owner had them buried in the rear courtyard area, beneath the heated, private pool. These bones could accompany the sets of antlers in the living room.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.