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When James Sharp moved to Los Angeles last year, Denver lost one of its most creative, colorful and ahead-of-the-curve DJs. Operating for the previous eight years under the alias DJ Quid, Sharp co-founded two Snake Pit residencies, Quid and Shaggy Robot, that introduced new genres such as Brit pop and electroclash to the Mile High City way before most people knew what the hell they were listening to. After a resuscitation of Quid at Streets of London Pub and a string of popular events like the kitschy My Parent's Basement, Sharp headed to California to seek his fortune; there he rotates everything from glam to Euro pop under the patronage of such L.A. rock-scene luminaries as Don Bolles and Rodney Bingenheimer. ABC, or All Bases Covered, is Quid's triumphant return to Denver, a one-night-only parade through his kaleidoscope of cool that, like its name suggests, will cover just about every style of music you can imagine -- and probably quite a few that you can't. So haul your ass down to Sputnik for a hard-spun dose of Sharp's unpredictable wit, where he'll rock alongside DJs John Reidy, Aaron Mikulich and John Nichols. And be sure to bring your party pants; DJ Quid, as always, will bring the money.
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Jason Heller
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