DJ Vajra wins Red Bull Thre3Style competition in Boulder

RED BULL THR3STYLE TOURNAMENT 04.07.11 | Boulder Theater
Last night at the Boulder Theater, the Red Bull Thre3Style tournament was live and absolutely direct. Beyond the blazing marquis outside and the multi-Mini Coopers with the gigantic Red Bull attachment, the energy was electric and the competition was stiff. Many came, many played -- but ultimately, it was DJ Vajra who will go on to Dallas for continued DJ domination. After DJ Low Key warmed up the crowd, DJ Lazy Eyez, who was on deck as host, got the night underway. Opening the show was a very Lebron James-esq DJ Sounds Supreme, who threw chalk in the air and declared, through several genres he played, that he's the champion. He certainly started the evening off to an awesome start, garnering more than a lot of cheers and dancing. There was an MGMT "Electric Feel" transition somewhere in his fifteen-minute set; he started strong, and ended stronger.

Essentially the rules for Thre3Styles are: Each deejay gets fifteen minutes to show off and show out through several different genres while being critiqued by a slew of judges, which included DJ Skip Ripkin last night, among others.

Early on in the competition, I was also on photographer duty, so we got up close and personal with DJ Bedz's set, which arguably was the most entertaining of the night. He danced all across the stage and confidently smashed a Justin Bieber clip, in which he even took off his hat and brushed his hair dramatically over the decks. At some point, all photographers were asked to vacate the stage premises, so the pictures get a little sparse after that, but DJ Amen gave an incredible and quietly confident performance as well. It was DJ Vajra, though -- the evening's winner --who set the party off right. I'm pretty sure there was a Rick James track or two, but regardless, he set the place on fire. With about one minute left on the clock, the DJ started doing what he does best and scratched records to high heaven, setting him apart from nearly everyone else in the competition. The list of deejays who competed in the competition in its entirety includes: DJ Sounds Supreme, DJ Vajra, DJ Bedz, DJ Wushu, DJ Shake One, DJ Petey and DJ Amen. While each of the fellas gave a valiant effort throughout the evening -- including a particularly impressive set from DJ Petey -- Vajra took home the glory and the opportunity to move on to the next round in Dallas.

CRITIC'S NOTEBOOK Personal Bias: MGMT's "Electric Feel" is one of my favorite songs, and Sounds killed it. Plus, he included a Buju Banton break from "Champion," another favorite. I loved his set...obviously. Random detail: DJ Low Key played John Legend's version of Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" at a deejay competition. A deejay competition! And he rocked the crowd. Absolutely. By the way: The Boulder Theater was so packed with Denverites, we could have easily been at a venue in the city. It was nice to see so many people out supporting the backbone of music, the deejay.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.