Do you have a Denver State of Mind? KS-107.5's Larry Ulibarri, Sarah Snead and Hypnautic evidently do.

We're not going to even try and lie: We haven't caught KS-107.5's morning show in a minute, so we have utterly no idea what in the Sam Hill possessed Larry Ulibarri to try his hand at rapping. But jeez-o-pete if we didn't get a jolt and a half out of seeing homie spit some verses about our beloved home town.

Ulibarri's delivery is as stilted as you might imagine from a radiohead, but, believe it or not, we've actually heard worse -- just earlier this week, as a matter of fact. And besides, it's hard to hate on this budget take of Jay's "Empire State of Mind," especially when we completely co-sign the sentiments behind it, and with Hypnautic swooping in to elevate the second half of the song and Sarah Snead doing the Alicia Keys hook justice. Love the Denver love. Now if we can just get the cats at KS to start showing the same kind of love to more local hip-hop, we just might have an anthem of our own someday.


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