Does Denver have a burgeoning urban/top 40 sensation on its hands?

Yes. It appears so. Meet Hunter Brown, an eighteen-year-old artist from Denver, who's already amassed an impressive pedigree. Over the past three years, Brown has worked Dr. Dre associate Kirv (aka Kevin Irving) and collaborated with fellow Denverite, Frank E of the aptly dubbed Red Hot Beats productions  -- yet another local artist made good, who's produced tracks for Flo-Rida and Plies -- and Fingazz, a well regarded West Coast producer who's worked with Lil' Rob and Mr. Capone-E, among others. After a stint cutting tracks in Los Angeles with a producer named Sundafu, Brown is back at home and from the looks of it, primed to be among the first urban artists from Denver to make a splash. For those who loathe this style of music, Brown won't change your mind (in other words, keep moving -- there's nothing to see here, really). If, however, you have a soft spot for the type of slick, auto-tuned melodies and prefab beats that are the bread and butter of stations like Hot 107, the Party and KS-107.5, then this shade of Brown was tinted just for you. Check Brown's tunes -- including "I Like the Way," which features a hook built around an interpolation of Hi-Five's "I Like the Way (the Kissing Game)" -- after the jump.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.