Ten of the Best Doom Bands in Denver

Denver doom band Khemmis has blown up nationally.
Denver doom band Khemmis has blown up nationally. Khemmis
Denver has a rich tradition of metal and a thriving doom scene. Influenced by Black Sabbath and rock and roll’s slower side, doom revels in heaviness and bleak, introspective lyrics delivered mostly at a snail’s pace. Maybe it’s all the Mile High cannabis smoke or a response to this western city’s slower pace, but Denver is producing amazing doom bands in droves. Here’s a rundown of some of our favorite acts in 2017.

In the Company of Serpents
Denver doom duo In the Company of Serpents packs an unstoppable amount of power for a band that comprises just a guitarist and a drummer. Expect heavy, rolling sounds from these guys, as grand as the Rocky Mountains’ majesty. Their songs are all bone-crushingly heavy, and their lyrics pull from ancient mysticism.

click to enlarge Khemmis putting on a colorful show - FACEBOOK
Khemmis putting on a colorful show
If epic metal songs about wizards and dragons float your boat, Khemmis is for you. The four-piece plays not just doom, but straightforward rock and roll, as well. These musicians aren’t afraid to break out catchy riffs and hooks when creating their slow, heavy blend. Khemmis has gained national acclaim in recent years: It’s signed to 20 Buck Spin Records; its second release, Hunted, was Decibel magazine’s 2016 Album of the Year; and it’s playing Psycho Fest in Las Vegas this year.

click to enlarge The Munsens get intimate with the audience in a small club. - FACEBOOK
The Munsens get intimate with the audience in a small club.
The Munsens
One of the biggest breakout metal successes in Denver, the Munsens have completely taken the place by storm. Up until 2016, the group was somewhat disjointed, as some of its members lived across the country. While the musicians occasionally performed together, the band wasn’t really solidified as a Denver doom powerhouse. Now it’s crushing all the local shows and making Denverites rethink what it means to be slow, loud and heavy. Bringing incredible energy and soul to every recording and performance, the Munsens are making an impact, and doomheads can’t get enough.

click to enlarge Of Feather and Bone tearing it up - FACEBOOK
Of Feather and Bone tearing it up
Of Feather and Bone
While not traditionally doom, these guys play a blackened, crusty, grind-and-hardcore-influenced brand of death metal that has been known to slow to a creep while paying homage to sludge and blackened doom. The vibe of the city clearly rubs off on this trio, which keeps a lot of heavy reverb and delay on even its fast-paced death-metal songs. True to crust and sludge form, Of Feather and Bone cultivates a hopeless atmosphere.

Read on for more of Denver's best doom bands.

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