Double//Shadow appeals to the weeping romantic in you Saturday night at Beauty Bar

Once upon a time, DJs played records, and going to the club was a dressy affair. Enter Double//Shadow, a flashy, free party happening this Saturday night at Beauty Bar, hosted by musician besties James Holden (of Astra Moveo) and James Yardley (of Snake Rattle Rattle Snake.) The night aims to bring class to dancefloor, through music and mood.

Born out the DJs' desires to see a revival in weekends being high-style outtings, the duo hopes to create an ambiance of dark romanticism, not the party photo-capturing shit show atmosphere that has overtaken nightlife. "I miss being able to invite a girl out onto the dance floor for a slow song and dance with her," says Holden, explaining the idea behind Double//Shadow.

And of course, its about the music. Playing everything from New Order, early Ministry and Gary Numan to LCD Soundsystem, Twin Shadow and Fever Ray, Holden and Yardley -- and this month's guest DJ, Fancy Tiger's Matthew Brown -- the crew hopes to bring out the inner goth/industrial/weeping romantic in you. The DJs also have one strict policy, though: vinyl only. "We play songs from start to finish," Holden points out. "Nothing but vinyl, no mash-ups."

Just imagine, you can dance to The Smiths' "Stop Me if You Think You've Heard This One Before" again, all the way through until Morrissey utters his last creepy, breathy verse. What a concept.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.