Download a track from Wheelchair Sports Camp's forthcoming EP, Where We All Live

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Wheelchair Sports Camp is back from this year's SXSW and survived their travels with very few cops and more than enough motivation. The band is set to release its new EP, Where We All Live, digitally on May 1, with limited copies available at Independent Records Store on Saturday, April 21, in honor of record store day. (The physical version features art by Frank Kwiatkowski with a poster and wheat paste recipe). The new joint boasts fresh production and newer than new rhymes from MC Kalyn Heffernan. The group has blessed us with a dope track from the record, "Are You Hung Up," to share with you. Be sure to check for saxophonist Abi McGaha Miller's sexy solo on this track. Page down to download the cut for free. We love it, and you're welcome.

Kalyn's raps are defiant as she details her "recipe for happiness" on this joint about accepting the hardships as they come and living through it. You can hear the passion and energy in Kalyn's raps as she hands over an almost spoke-word performance intertwined with samples from the Police, Sounds of India and more.

Look for the Wheelchair Sports Camp crew rocking an all '90s cover set with DJ BMoney at Wax Trax for the store's 33 1/3rd birthday party on record store, Saturday, April 21. Later that night, the act is slated to warm up for Das Racist at the Fox Theatre.

MP3 Download (right click link and save to your hard drive):

Wheelchair Sports Camp - "Are You Hung Up"

Stream the track below:

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