Download all the music from Denver Noise Fest 2010 for free

In preparation for Denver Noise Fest 2011 (April 22-24), the folks in charge of the weekend of mayhem have dropped off an insanely massive collection of live music from 2010. How insane, you ask? Well, how about thirty different sets totaling just over 1 GB of data. That should be enough to keep you occupied until April, we'd say.

Each set varies in length from about ten minutes and up. You'll be able to relive DNF 2010 vicariously through Denver mainstays like Nervesandgel, Page 27, Married in Berdichev, Novasak and more.

Bonus: All the out-of-state acts are included, as well, including an especially mystifying set by Zombie Bite and some type of Tesla-infused freak-out from No Fun Acid. As you'll gather from MP3s, the two-night fest was filled with enough fear-inducing, doom-heavy harsh noise to give a deaf person tinnitus.

Even though the sets are live, you still can't really capture the completely terrifying experience that the event was. The recording captures it well enough, but without an abundance of fog, ridiculous costumes and head-splitting bass tones, it's just not the same.

Still, this should tide people over until this year's festivities, which stretch out over three days this time around. We're still waiting for the final confirmation on who will be playing, but rest assured, it's going to be loud.

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