Download Mane Rok's "Mama Said" remix with Zome and Bravo One

Mane Rok

is continuing his quest to work with each producer who crafted sounds for his album,

The Ugly Truth

, released last year. The remix for "Mama Said," originally featuring


and produced by

Mr. Bostic

, has taken on an entirely different feel and sound. The addition of

Bravo One


One Eyed Kings

adds a more polished effect to the production value from Bostic. Page down to download the remix for free and get the scoop on Mane's forthcoming album,

Saul Amore: A Modern Day Massacre

, due out on Valentine's Day.

Set to coincide with the premiere of Mane Rok's website on Valentine's Day, Saul Amore will feature guest spots from Benjamin Butters, Zome, Scarub (Living Legends/AfroClassics), Qwazzar (Typical Cats/Galapagos 4) and Illogic (Weightless Recordings). While Saul Amore is centered around the idea of love, Mane says it's "not just the mushy gushy type, but the real love we find ourselves faced with, from the good to the bad."

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