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Denver all-stars Hindershot will be releasing its debut 7" next weekend at the Hi-Dive. The band, fronted by guitarist, singer and songwriter Stuart Confer, knows when to employ complexity and when to go straight for the power chords.

The 7-inch, called It's Only Blood would be a shockingly coherent four track debut had we heard the other music these guys have created. It's a thrill regardless -- if there's a limit to its replay value we haven't found it yet.

"Hindershot started as a creative outlet for me, I was writing and recording demos in my bedroom," says Confer. "After a few failed attempts at forming an actual band, we finally formed as we are today, and we are having a blast.

We picked the songs for this EP because they all had a common theme: The concept of becoming numb to life experiences that should evoke emotion."

It's Only Blood was recorded Sack 'Em Studios with Josh Wambke. "The Mark," available for streaming and exclusive download here, starts with jagged guitar and tambourine and builds to a chaotic climax.

Hindershot is just getting started: They've already started work on the follow-up 7-inch, tentatively set to be released in the coming months. From there, the band could go a lot of different places. The crowds are starting to show up pretty consistently here in Denver, and they may test the road sometime this year.


Hindershot - "The Mark"

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