Download Roger, Roll's entire catalogue for free

Eric Peterson is withdrawing from playing music. Which is a shame, because he's been a brilliant part of some of Denver's best music in the past few years -- Amazing Twin, I Am The Dot, Houses and his own musical project, Roger, Roll. As a parting gift, he's made the entire Roger, Roll catalogue available for free download. You can get it right now here.

Peterson will also be giving away vinyl copies of his two most recent albums at the hi-dive on Saturday, December 18 at Roger, Roll's final show with Hello Kavita, which will also be playing its final show.

There have been plenty of ideas that never materialized into album material, and Peterson has released all his demos, abandoned tracks and assorted musical concepts in podcast form. You can find that here.

We're not talking about a man who does much sitting around, and Peterson will be keeping busy. He recently founded a web design and development company called A Small Web Firm. He is a blindingly clear and concise genius in this particular field; he's responsible for several beautiful local web sites including our recent Web Awards winner Watercoursefoods.com. So if you have any web site needs, that's probably a good place to start.

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