Download Suburban Home Records Mix Tape Volume 4 free today

Suburban Home has long been releasing mixtapes put together by label owner Virgil Dickerson, but it wasn't until recently that these started popping up on the website. Thankfully, those of us who missed the original CDRs will have a chance to catch up, at least in the case of the fourth volume, Consequences Swept Up Like Sand, which is available free starting today.

The re-release is in celebration of Suburban Home's upcoming pressing of Austin Lucas's Collection on vinyl, with his songs providing the inspiration for the mix. There are quite a few tracks from Lucas himself, as well as some live stuff and a cut from his father, Bob Lucas. Colorado's not left out, with Drag the River, Tin Horn Prayer and more playing a part of the mix.

It's a nice collection of some of Suburban Home's artists that will give people a good primer to the label, as well as tiding folks over while they wait for their pink vinyl copy of Collections to arrive in the mail. These "tapes" are generally handled with the utmost of care and aren't really used as a selling tool as much as, say, a compilation album. It might seem like the differences are inconsequential, but once you hear one of these collections, you'll understand the distinction.

Find out for yourself by checking out the free mix here.

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Thorin Klosowski
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