Download the free, decade-old Fallout computer game soundtracks

While we're well aware that most of you could care less about a soundtrack to a decade-old computer game, that doesn't mean we can't spark your interest with the magical key phrase "free." If that doesn't work we might have to resort to tossing in "remastered" and "remixed." The soundtrack and games in question are the unquestionably amazing cult-favorite Fallout games. It appears that the series' composer, Mark Morgan has been hard at work at remastering his soundtracks to the first two games and has released them onto the internet for your enjoyment.

What you'll get here are 24 tracks of ambient, post-apocalyptic bliss. You could probably toss words like "ethereal" and "haunting" into the mix too if you felt like it. Really, it's an amazing collection of some truly epic tracks. We're hard pressed to name a better ambient score to any major motion picture, let alone a game.

So in summation we have a free remastered and remixed collection of an ethereal and haunting soundtrack to one of histories best computer games series. If that didn't work as a selling point than you've got something mixed up in your head.

MP3 collection can be found here, or alternately here.

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