Download the new Something Like Sound compilation for free

Tim Weilert has maintained the excellent local music blog Something Like Sound for two years now. The School of Mines student will graduate in May and move to Austin, making these his last few months at the blog's helm. He isn't leaving quietly, however: Today Weilert released his second Colorado music compilation, featuring twenty songs by some of the best bands in the state. Three of the tracks are brand-new, and the whole thing is available for free.

The comp starts off quietly with a handful of tracks from the likes of John Common & Blinding Flashes of Light. From there it gets a little louder with the sort of classic-rock sound perfected by American Tomahawk. The first new track comes right around there, with "Yellow Moon," by the Knew. The other bands with new music on the comp are Fingers of the Sun and At the Forefront. There are some noisier bands here, including the now-defunct Makeout Point, and it gets into some fairly experimental territory on the back side. Colorado Sounds Vol. 2 ends with Tjutjuna's glimmering, atmospheric "Mosquito Hawk." Download the whole thing for free here.

The comp's release was scheduled for March 1, but, as Radiohead taught us last week, there's no sense in waiting, so Weilert posted it this morning. This is an impressive collection of music and about as good a primer on the state of music in Colorado as you'll find. Weilert plans to give away download codes at the upcoming SXSW, so hopefully this stuff will reach some new ears. A full track list follows:

Dan Craig - "Enough" Gregory Alan Isakov - "Evelyn" John Common & Blinding Flashes of Light - "In My Neighborhood" The Raven and the Writing Desk - "Space Grenade" Flashbulb Fires - "Revenge Song" The Knew - "Yellow Moon" Monroe Monroe - "Ready the Fall" American Tomahawk - "Sunshine People" Fingers of the Sun - "In My Basement" Amazing Twin - "Naked Girl, Pt. 2" Makeout Point - "Don't Drown Me, Please" Safe Boating Is No Accident - "Who Will Marry You?" Thrifty Astronaut - "Middleclass Suburban Teenager Blues" I Am The Dot - "We Have Not Arrived" FLASHLIGHTS - "More Sunlight" Fellow Citizens - "Cincinnati" The Biz - "Infinite Light" PANAL S.A. DE C.V. - "You Knew I Was a Snake" At The Forefront - "Till I Find You" Tjutjuna - "Mosquito Hawk"

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