Download the new Tommy Metz (aka Iuengliss) album for free

Know what's better than free music? Free music that's good enough to pay for. Tommy Metz, who is typically known around these parts as Iuengliss, has posted his new album, The Blossom Frontier, for free on his web site. Go download that sucker immediately because it's like his previous work (awesome) except easier to unpack. And again: free.

According to the Bocumast folks, Metz is releasing this one under his Christian name because Iuengliss is going instrumental, which The Blossom Frontier isn't. This is a complete guess, but the ditching of the moniker here might also be because the music sounds more personal, more intimate and less rigorously avant-garde than his work as Iuengliss.

Again, this thing would be worth paying for, and in case you feel you must reward Metz's creation with some bread, he requests that you pay for the Bocumast sampler. You can also get that for free, but you can find a pay-what-you-want widget here. There, you'll find that they were taking donations to get bands to SXSW. That's over, obviously, but we're sure Bocumast could still use the money for any number of their worthy projects.

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