Dressy Bessy gets us in the holiday spirit with "All the Right Reasons"

Have you noticed there haven't been too many new holiday tunes made in recent years? We were talking about that the other day as we were in some store that had the obligatory archetypal Christmas tunes being piped in over the speakers. So what gives? Are any new songs that might be written doomed to wither under the glare of the timeworn classics? Is there just nothing new to say about the holidays? Will any new compositions ultimately encroach on our established comfort zones, or are we just so accustomed to hearing the vintage tunes that our ears are unwilling to embrace new odes? Or, conversely, have there been some new ones that have cropped up that we're just oblivious to because we haven't been paying close enough attention? We're thinking it there may be some truth to that last notion, particularly since we somehow managed to miss "All the Right Reasons" by Dressy Bessy (from Little Music: Singles 1997-2002), which has been out now for at least a half a dozen years or so. Just in time for the holidays, Tammy Ealom dusted off this pop gem and sprinkled some of her dazzling video goodness to get us in the holiday spirit.

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