Dressy Bessy teams up with King Scratchie, Christmas ensues

While not all of us are particularly enthusiastic about Christmas music, that doesn't mean we can't recognize a good song when we hear one. This new Dressy Bessy single, "Hopped Up (on Xmas) Featuring King Scratchie" might be one of the few holiday songs worth a regular holiday rotation. It's upbeat and filled with enough synth-charm to make Mannheim Steamroller blush.

Dressy Bessy singer Tammy Ealom does a pretty good job of, ahem, bagging the holiday spirit by talking about the process folks tend to go through with exchanging bad gifts for cash. It's not totally unapologetic, though. She questions her own misanthropy at one point, "I'm just kidding/I got Santa's back/Please don't tell him I've been dissing on Christmas," but certainly spends the bulk of the song questioning the whole point of the holiday that often finds its busiest shopping time on the day after.

If you can make it through the video without having convulsions, you'll also catch Warlock Pinchers' King Scratchie dancing around and providing backup as the two pop in and out of focus while a dollar sack is about the only thing to remain still for longer than a second. You'll see inexplicable other things, but whether or not they're really in the video might be up for debate, as we're pretty sure we were hallucinating by the end.

Which reminds us, if you're interested in giving out a Christmas gift that won't get returned, the Warlock Pinchers DVD we've been talking about is available now.

Dressy Bessy's "Hopped Up (on Xmas)" is also available. It's on iTunes, and the band is working on a new record due out sometime next year.

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Thorin Klosowski
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