E-Rotic takes you deeper with "Dr. Dick"

Germany is a strange, strange place, almost like Bizarro-world. It's place where David Hasslehoff can have a huge success as a pop singer, for example. And if you keep that in mind, the existence, and success, of today's freaky selection almost, kind of, sorta makes sense.

Today's clip is a charming, not remotely safe for work (let us repeat: NSFW AT ALL) slice of bouncy dance pop about Dr. Dick. Yes. A doctor who cures people with his dick. It's like Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing" as imagined by a thirteen-year-old boy who's been dropped on his head. Repeatedly.

Soundwise, it's the most execrable bubblegum pop you ever heard. It actually kind of sounds like a kid's song, something that might teach the alphabet, or maybe the states' names. Or how it's okay for your doctor to molest you... And the cartoon video only bolsters that weird impression.

Don't worry -- it's sung in English, so you won't need subtitles to understand its crude come ons and cheesy sleaze. Why is a German bubblegum pop sex song sung in English? You've got us. But here it is.

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