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EDM Fan Petition to Remove Red Rocks Restrictions Has 14,500 Signatures

The City of Denver is imposingnew restrictions for concerts at Red Rocks this year, and some members of the the electronic music community argue that those limits (which include decibel ceilings throughout performances) unfairly affect EDM. A petition called Respect The Rocks has racked up almost 14,500 signatures in support of removing the restrictions since it was started on January 9.

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EDM has become a popular music genre in the last few years, taking over dozens of the Red Rocks lineup spaces with acts such as Bassnectar, Skrillex, The Glitch Mob, Krewella, Flux Pavilion and more.

The petition reads:

We, Respect The Rocks, ask the city of Morrison, Colorado, to remove noise restrictions on Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater, as they hamper the musical experience of all concertgoers at the venue, and unfairly target Electronic Dance Music Events.

The petition's creator, Ken Kubik, also outlines the reasons for its creation on the page"

This is an important issue as the noise restrictions placed on Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater are detrimental to the music experience of any event patron at the venue. These noise restrictions also unfairly target Electronic Dance Music Events, as these events tend to have large amounts of low frequency bass sounds that travel further than higher frequency sounds, thus being more present in the homes near the venue. With regard to these homes, all have been built after the construction of the the Amphitheater, and thus the homeowners should not be able to complain about the volume of the concerts as they willingly purchased property near a well known and active musical venue. Future homeowners in the area should be notified of the noise, and be required to sign an agreement with Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater stating that they accept the results of living next to a concert venue, and will not attempt to enact resolutions against the park. If the buyer does not agree to these terms, then they should consider other properties, as an individual home buyer can relocate, but a natural amphitheater under 63 continuous year of use cannot. Red Rocks also faces a loss in revenue from these restrictions, as EDM events draw huge crowds to the Amphitheater every year. The banning of these events and/or artists will cause Red Rocks to lose many ticket buying attendees, meaning the venue will see a massive loss in sales and revenue.

The decisions will ultimately lie not with Morrison but with Denver, which owns and operates Red Rocks. Brian Kitts of Denver's Arts and Venues division told Colorado Public Radio that the city is "not considering banning EDM or other shows. They are an important part of American pop culture right now."

According to the petition, organizers will be finalizing their legal stance on the issue and will present it to Morrison city officials after reaching their goal of 15,000 signees. Another petition (with 546 signatures) addresses the City of Denver directly.

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