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While some contend that Denver's dance scene has grown a bit stagnant in recent years, DJs Luna and Evenflo -- known collectively as Elephant -- would beg to differ. These ladies are veterans of the electronic dance scene, having both kicked off their careers during the rave heyday of the '90s. Evenflo's wildly popular Bounce and Bizounce parties have almost single-handedly kept raves alive in Denver, while Luna frequently represents the Denver dance scene in clubs across the country. Unlike most DJs, Elephant (due this Friday, April 21, at Andolini's Sports Bar, 1901 Youngfield in Golden, for the Laced party) doesn't stick to a predictable format, instead spinning everything from rock and jungle to electro, techno and hard house. When the Elephant girls blend styles, they're not doing it to pander to any specific crowd, but rather to showcase the true versatility of dance music -- and their own skills, in the process.
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Timothy Pittz