Eleven best beards at the Fleet Foxes show last night

Seeing as

Fleet Foxes' own Robin Pecknold

dons a

Christ-like beard

, it would only make sense for his listeners to sport similar face rugs.


photographer Brandon Marshall eyeballed enough awe-inspiring beards last night at the


for us to dust off our fan-beard rating system (FBRS). This system is fault-free, seeing as I am whisker-less woman. In the position of objectivity, I am locked and loaded to determine the Holy Grail of beards that was amongst the Fleet Foxes crowd.

Beards will be judged in three cardinal categories: 1. Thickness 2. Length 3. Style

Each category is ranked five to one, with the possibility of earning fifteen points a beard. From pubescent to lumberjack on 'roids, these are the best beards (in July, no less!) spotted last night.

Read the review of last night's show: Fleet Foxes at the Fillmore concert review.

11. Daniel Watters of Denver Thickness: 1 Length: 1 Style: 1 Total Beard Score: 3 10. Fleet Foxes fan Nick Waldschmid Thickness: 2 Length: 1 Style: 2 Total Beard Score: 5 9. Fleet Foxes fan David Lord Thickness: 2 Length: 2 Style: 1 Total Beard Score: 5 8. Fleet Foxes fan Kellen Monette of Witchita, Kansas Thickness: 1 Length: 2 Style: 3 Total Beard Score: 6 7. Fleet Foxes fan Will of Fort Collins. Thickness: 3 Length: 2 Style: 2 Total Beard Score: 7 6. Fleet Foxes fan Case Thickness: 3 Length: 3 Style: 2 Total Beard Score: 8 5. Fleet Foxes fan Matthew Olson says he's in "Phase 3" of his beard growth Thickness: 4 Length: 2 Style: 2 Total Beard Score: 8 4. Fleet Foxes fan Moose Brown Thickness: 5 Length: 3 Style: 2 Total Beard Score: 10 3. Fleet Foxes fan Connor McGuire of Laconia, New Hampshire Thickness: 3 Length: 4 Style: 4 Total Beard Score: 11 2. Fleet Foxes fan Chad Jacobson Thickness: 4 Length: 3 Style: 5 Total Beard Score: 12 1. Sam Nights of Denver Thickness: 5 Length: 5 Style: 4 Total Beard Score: 14

...and a Denverite brings it home for the win!

Check out more beards in our slideshow of the Fleet Foxes at the Fillmore.

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