Elfin twins entice you to attend Warlock Pinchers reunion

If we weren't already completely stoked for this weekend's Warlock Pinchers reunion (and admittedly, we are), this week's flier would entice us to check it out.

The mirrored symmetry and the long, elfin faces of the ladies central to the image are intriguing. The flowers (and the clever way the Pinchers logo is standing in for the flower on the left side) are a deft touch. We even like the patterned Pinchers logo covering the entire left side of the picture. All good work.

We're not totally in love with the text usage, but we have to admit it works. We can't help but wish it wasn't quite so intrusive, but at least it does cascade nicely down the curve created by the flowers. The bottom text box is pretty meh, too, but the girls, and the other aforementioned design elements, outweigh the issues easily.

The artwork started life as a record cover by Hilary Knight for a Tony Mottola album called Lush, Latin and Lovely before being repurposed and remixed (or, if you aren't a subscriber to the philosophies of remix culture, "ripped off") for this fine flier. And because we love you, we dug around the Googles to find you a picture of the original for comparison. After seeing it, we like the new one even more -- the changes made are relatively subtle, but go a long way toward changing an pleasant image into a special one.

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