Emily Francis brings together the world of art and music with Marion Street Tattoo Gallery

After reading the above headline, you're probably thinking: Denver needs another tattoo parlor and art gallery like it needs another dispensary, right? Hold on. This one's a little different. For starters, it's being run by Emily Francis, a cherished member of the local music scene.

Franicis's contributions to the music scene have been many, from promoting shows to tending bar at 3 Kings Tavern to tour managing acts like Planes Mistaken for Stars. Over the years, she's forged some great friendships that she plans to parlay into bringing one-of-a-kind acoustic shows to her new shop -- tapping friends coming through town looking to get some ink. And so in that regard alone, Marion Street Tattoo Gallery is already more than just a place to get tatted up.

But it goes even beyond being another cool, unorthodox place to see intimate shows (like the one pictured above that happened this past weekend with Chad Price and Jon Snodgrass from Drag the River); Marion Street is also a place to admire fine art.

To that end, Francis and her partners -- Ryan Willard and Patrick Shackley -- have already scheduled a number of openings, including the upcoming Lindsay Kuhn collaboration show, in which some enterprising and aspiring artists will have the opportunity to put their own stamp on Kuhn's iconic rock poster art. Also on tap, shows by Paul Romano, who's done artwork for Mastodon, and a group show from Marion's owners and resident tattoo artist Jenny Lee.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.