Encanti wins Yo Soy Sauce's "Juke Box" remix contest with "TurboBooty LabiaStep"

Almost immediately after being introduced, the Cacheflowe/Brer Rabbit collaboration, Yo Soy Sauce, polarized folks. So when word of a remix contest surfaced last month, suffice to say, we were eager to hear what people came up with. Although Encanti ultimately took home the prize for "TurboBooty LabiaStep," there were some interesting renditions. Page down to hear a few.

Encanti's winning submission tricks out the track to a rather unbelievable level. It's certainly a rather dramatic departure from the original song, but we have to agree that it's one of the best of the remixes. It's also a good earwax cleanser as the bass will push all that wax out of your ears pretty quickly.

Some of the submissions were more subdued. Erik Mitchell's remix plays around with the vocal samples a little more than the others, especially when it hits the four-minute mark.

Max Klaw's mix might be one of our favorites for the simple fact it makes Esme's vocal parts sound like they're being sung by a little kid, and the added drum mix adds a pretty ridiculous live sound to the whole thing. It also latches onto the infamous "labia" line toward the end.

Pony Tits provides the shortest version, clocking in at under two minutes, but it has one of the best hooks of any of the remixes released, even if the track doesn't quite flesh itself out totally.

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