Enjoy 1,200 free songs, courtesy of SXSW

If you can't make it to Austin's fabled South by Southwest event this year (and who can? I can't even afford the gas it would take to drive there, much less the other expenses), here's something to ease the pain -- 1,267 songs from various SXSW artists, absolutely free of charge. That's enough music from the hippest, hottest bands on the planet to completely fill a smaller iPod, completely gratis. I'll give you a sec to pick your jaw off the floor.

Okay, jaw back in place? Good. To ease the downloading of this massive glut of music (which, by the way, includes a number of Denver bands -- represent!), some kind people have bundled all 1,200-plus songs into three massive torrents. You'll need to have a BitTorrent client set up to get these the easy way. Not sure what that means? Google it and you'll be up and running in a couple hours, max, and please, seed them once you get them. Otherwise, you can do it the old-fashioned way and click on each and every one of the 1,267 download links (fun!) by going to the SXSW Music index page and working your way through the list.

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