Enjoy these dancing GIFs of Westword Music Showcase revelers

This just in: The 2012 Westword Music Showcase was a smashing success. Despite the heat, the crowd brought out some of their flyest dance moves (and "dance moves"). Let yourself be hypnotized by these GIFs, and take some notes for next time, folks.

5. The "Hopping And Toppings"

Fringe benefit of the inescapable frozen yogurt craze: Y'all know ice cream don't get down like that.

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4. The "Daily Grind"*

Another day, another dollar, another sweat-soaked tryst with two complete strangers.

*Also called "The Human Centipede."

3. "The Beach Ball Blitz"

Not pictured: This same ball hitting a hundred other people in the face.

2. The "Like a Prayer"

For some reason, outdoors + music = hula hooping. Still, we can all envy this woman for her gyration skills and religious devotion.

1. The "Daily Grind II: Return of the Grinder"

In the background, this woman's face just screams, "Oh lord, he's coming for me."

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