Enter for a chance to win the mother of all Lamb of God contests! No, seriously. Get a load of this!

Update 12/7/12: First of all, thanks for the avalanche of entries. Good to know that all you metalheads are tuned into Backbeat. Horns to you! So right down to business. We've picked a winner for this mother of all Lamb of God contests, and let just say, it was an agonizing task. If we had the wherewithal, everybody who entered would've won, but as it stands, only one lucky person can win. Continue on to see who won and then read the winning entry. And thanks again for entering and for reading Backbeat. Keep an eye out for more great contests!

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Congratulations to Davis Webster, the winner of the mother of all Lamb of God contests. In addition to a pair of the tickets to the show, he'll get to attend a special meet and greet, introduce bands and watch the show from the stage, and, perhaps the coolest part, his name will be added to the marquee as presenting the show. (Davis, check your email for more details.) Thanks again to everybody who entered. With no further fanfare, Davis's winning entry:

Lamb of God is the band that really got me into really heavy metal. The first time I saw them I was twelve and all the way back on the grass at Fiddler's. The second, and last time, I saw them was at Fiddler's again, and I was barely any closer. I'd love to see them up close and thank them for introducing me to the greatest music on earth.

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