Ephwurd Crowned Denver Bass Capital of the World

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If you haven’t heard of Ephwurd by now, you should probably start taking a gander at the act's SoundCloud. This new collaborative project between two electronic dance music powerhouses, Datsik and Bais Haus, has become a booming sensation practically overnight. Currently on a short North American tour before they hit festival season, the artists behind Ephwurd knew they had to throw down in the bass capital of the world — which is right here in Denver. The duo played Beta nightclub last Friday, March 4, giving fans a taste of what's in store for the future.
The dance floor of Beta was absolutely packed and there was still a line out the door to get into the venue when Ephwurd hit the stage. The dynamic duo quickly got to what it does best, riling up the crowd with a quick greeting before dropping right into an extra-heavy new track. Everyone in the room ate it up on the spot, cheering and whipping out phones to capture the unreleased song on camera. Those cheers turned to an almost deafening roar when Ephwurd gave the signal to pop confetti cannons, raining a shiny storm onto the crowd. Brilliant, piercing lasers stabbed outward across the club. Ephwurd’s formula worked flawlessly and had Denver in the palm of its hands from the get-go.
Bone-rattling bass tracks coupled with an intense visual display, a rainbow of high-powered lasers, multiple confetti drops and Beta’s signature cryo-fog system all merged to produce one epic set. New and unreleased tracks were common throughout the show, with Ephwurd debuting several unreleased tracks. From the second-story balcony, the first floor writhed and shivered like one enormous living entity. Bais Haus hyped up the crowd at every opportunity, stoking the fire and getting the crowd jumping, throwing up W’s (the W is for Wurd, people) and singing along with well-known vocal samples. Datsik mostly stuck to mixing and mashing up the track list, but when he did choose to speak, he really excited the crowd. Between Ephwurd’s sonic weaponry firing, Datsik assured Denver that it really is the bass capital of the world — and offered a friendly reminder that he’s stoked to return to Red Rocks this summer for Global Dub Festival. Just the mention of Red Rocks elicited a collective howl from audience members before they devoted their full attention to getting down like animals.
Ephwurd’s set bucked like a roller coaster, heavy bass lines and ear-splitting synthesizers seizing fans along for the ride. It was impossible not to dance or be mesmerized by the laser spectacle, the white-blanket fog clouding the entire room, or the stunning visuals that were both trippy and hilarious. Ephwurd closed the night with a heartfelt thank-you and one last reminder that Denver has one of the absolute best electronic dance music scenes in the world. Coming from two artists creating some of the best electronic dance music, I think we can believe it.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.