Everything Absent or Distorted discography, Pictureplane mix and samples from the Plastic Sound Supply compilation

Holy smokes, we've got a whole bunch of early holiday gifts from a few Denver musicians and ex-musicians today. Whether you're into some amazing chamber pop, some wacked out transdimensional electro or some mind-bending experimental electronic music, you're in for free music today.

Everything Absent or Distorted (a love story) might have called it quits last year, but it turns out they're still in the business of providing ear candy. The guys just dropped off all of their work on the Internet's doorstep, and it's simply begging you to download and enjoy -- for free.

Whether you missed the band during its heyday or if you're new to the EAOD mantra, free is free. Formed in 2005, the group quickly picked up love here in town for its combination of chamber pop and garage rock and near-apocalyptic sounding tones. The outfit was, simply put, one of the most fun, intelligent and enjoyable bands this town has ever seen. EAOD's eclecticism showcased what Denver indie rock does best, cast a wide net of influences and mix and mash them together in a way that's completely original. Time has treated the recordings well; they still sound as fresh as they did when we first heard them.

Forewarning: It's a bit of a pain to navigate the download program EAOD has chosen. You'll have to click and download each track individually, but you'll be able to snag the band's two full-length albums for free -- so complaining about the interface is kind of a moot point. If you're so inclined you can still order the band's first album, The Soft Civil War on lovely white vinyl, as well. Finally, if you managed to miss the bands final recording, a free EP called The Lucky One, you can still snag that one, too.

If rock and roll is a snore, Plastic Sound Supply has you covered. In preparation for the release of its compilation album, Experimental Dance Breaks 36, the label is offering a taste before the album's December 15 release date.

You can stream through any of the tracks on the site, or download tracks from iuengliss (who has an album coming out early 2011 on the label), Cacheflowe, Honduras, Zeno and None of the tracks are particularly, eh, dance breaks, but they do offer a taste of some of Colorado's best experimental electronic music. We're pretty damn excited to get the actual release, but this in-browser version should tide us over for a few weeks.

But wait, there's more! That's right, Pictureplane, who is no stranger to freeloader has released yet another free mix. This one, "Dimensional Rip 6" stays the course for what he's released before, with one twist. As he claims on his blog, "Maybe you have been noticing (or not) over the past 2 years, but I have been conducting magical social experiments under the guise of dimensional rip as a way of altering the reality of both myself and the world (universe) at large."

We, ahem, don't really have much to add to that. We'll let you decide for yourself if your view of the universe has been changed by downloading it on your own time.

Thorin Klosowski
Contact: Thorin Klosowski