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Ex-members of Makeout Point reform as Bizarre Learning Center

Backbeat approved post-punk band Makeout Point broke up a couple months ago. A sad day for Denver music fans, but several of its members are brewing up another project: Bizarre Learning Center. So far it's a tumblr and the promise of demos, but there's plenty to start getting excited about. "Musically we're exploring deconstructed pop melodies," says Laura Morocco.

So far, Bizarre Learning Center is Laura, her husband Anthony Morocco and Patrick Farrell. "We're actually hoping to work with other local musicians on a song or two, here and there," says Laura. "There are loads of creative and talented people in town."

Everything they've written so far has been instrumental, but they plan to add vocals. Again, there's nothing actually available yet. Tide yourself over by listening to the Makeout Point back catalogue.

The genesis of this thing is notable not only for the pedigree involved, but for the way the band is building an identity. We're living in a post-myspace world, and in any case bands are starting to explore the many ways the internet allows you to communicate with potential fans. BLC has set up a page on their tumblr where you can ask the band anything. Thus far, questions have ranged from "Do you poop?" to "What subjects are taught at the Bizarre Learning Center?" The answers, respectively:

"Brown is bad. That's why the body gets rid of it. Science."


"Great question. Course offerings for this semester are as follows:

-Intermediate Synesthesia - Capstone course offered in partnership with the department of gastronomy.

-Advanced Numerology - Graduate seminar focusing Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow and the Wu-Tang Clan's Enter the Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers.

-"Gary's Got a Phallus": Psychoanalysis and masculine performativity in the work of Paul Westerberg. Readings from Butler, Deleuze and Guattari, Stinson.

Registration is still open. Please contact the Associate Dean of Bizarre Affairs."

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