Face heads to L.A. tomorrow night to compete in The Sing-Off

Singing a cappella is an art -- and artform that most of us would be better off not practicing at all. Ever. For any reason. (We're not being mean here: We've heard you singing in the car. Really. Yikes!) Take it from us: It's best to leave the art to the real artists and all that, you know, like the guys in that group Face. Ever heard 'em? Angellic. Just this side of wonderful. Tomorrow night, the six of them -- Jayson Throckmorton, Forest Kelly, Mark Megibow, Ben Lunstad, Stephen Ross and Ryan Driver -- will be in L.A. to compete against seven other sets of crooners for a new show on the Peacock called... wait for it ... The Sing-Off. Between us, we're hoping that the network brass, who clearly expended quite a bit of brain power coming up with the name for the program, put a little more thought into the actual show, which will begin airing on Monday, December 14. We'll see. Regardless, you can bet the hometown boys will be putting on their gamefaces for this one.

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