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Sludgy and mercilessly gloomy, Facedowninshit is not the band to seek for an uplifting pep talk or a sympathetic shoulder to cry on. Dwelling in the same misanthropic, doom-saturated stylistic bog that made Eyehategod such a party, guitarist Jason Crumer, bassist Waylon Riffs (yeah, right) and drummer Ryan Wolfe fill a kiddie pool to overflowing with a muck of metal, electric blues and methadone, then wallow in it like depressive pigs. With horns held high and heads bowed low, the trio trudges knee-deep through a bleak morass of self-hatred and despair, masochistically lingering over every bluntly bludgeoning note and despondent syllable. Struggling bursts of thrashing rage -- spurred on by Wolfe's sticks-and-steroids kit-bashing -- occasionally create just enough energy to inspire a false sense of optimism before the dense fog of dejection descends once again. Meditating on the glamour of selling plasma, dropping acid and losing hope, Facedowninshit blackens the cursed sun with a leaden bottom end, a fiendish growl and a grimly poignant mantra for our times: "Nothing positive, only negative."
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