Famed Mastodon cover artist Paul Romano at Marion Street Tattoo this Saturday night

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Fans of art and metal, take note: Famed artist Paul Romano, best known for his illustration and design work on albums by Mastodon, Chiodos, Earth Crisis and Trivium, among countless other acts, will be in town for a very special art show based on his Bastille Day-inspired work this Saturday night at Marion Street Tattoo on 16th and Marion. This show marks the first time anybody has seen these works.

And just in case that isn't plenty cool enough already to inspire you to make your way to the shop co-owned by former Planes Mistaken for Stars tour manager Emily Francis, Martina Grbac of Land Lines and Carrie Beeder, a member of the Colorado Symphony and a veteran of innumerable local acts, including Bela Karoli and Nathaniel Rateliff's the Wheel, will be on hand playing cello versions of classic metal tunes (eat your heart out, Apocalyptica). And then after the show, which runs from 7 to 11 p.m., Black Sheep of Kali will be shredding at an after-party at the Lion's Lair.

Page down to see some of Romano's handiwork

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