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Feed Me With Teeth at Ogden Theatre, 2/12/13


As the stage-sized curtain dropped, the lights went down, the entire Ogden erupted with glee, and the place immediately lit back up -- with cell phones. Nearly everyone in the theater was holding a phone up. While we've certainly seen this at shows before, this was the worst we've seen. Makes total sense, though: Once Jonathan Gooch -- better known by Feed Me, his teeth-wielding stage name -- hit the stage and bared his bass-rattling whomp-chompers, it was a moment you instinctively wanted to remember. Building beats skillfully, Feed Me and his LED teeth tore apart track after track, jumping tempos to build the crowd up and ultimately leaving everyone satisfied.

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Feed Me delivered a completely fluid set of favorites from his catalog. Vocal melodies like "Strange Behaviour" came right after songs like "Death by Robot" and completely flipped the mood of the set. The heavy-hitting bass combined with the house-style tracks in a way that made the sweaty confines of the Ogden feel like a giant dance club. And Gooch just sat up behind the two beady eyes of the Teeth monster smiling, occasionally pointing at the crowd and generally getting down with the entire room.

Mord Fustang and Ishe each opened for the U.K. headliner and gave equal nods to the Feed Me camp for allowing them to play. What was a nice change of pace was the quality of all the opening sets. Mord Fustang didn't let anything about the lack of any real lighting production stop him from delivering one of the best dance parties we've seen this year at the Ogden.

Just the same, the lighting was lacking during Mord's set. Teasing big club tracks like "Lick the Rainbow" and "Champloo," the production simply didn't match the room. Although nearly everyone was moving along to the beats and Mord's mixing was on point, it was strange to see literally no light rig to go along with the music. Not that the music is dependent on lighting rigs, as Mord clearly proved, but seeing as they've become such staples in these types of shows these days, it's strange not to see one for such a talented producer.

Even so, Mord could've easily headlined the night -- so could Ishe, for that matter. While Mord and Ishe bring that much heat to their sets, it was also that kind of crowd last night, completely amped from start to finish. Playing just before Mord, Ishe asked the already packed crowd, "Do you care if I take it heavy tonight? Y'all gonna have the energy for Mord Fustang? Feed Me?"

The response was unanimous, and he threw down with a tight set that included a few tracks off Turn Up the Ride, the recent collaborative effort of Ishe and fellow Denver dubstep technician Dirt Monkey. Ishe definitely knows how to connect with a crowd. Towards the end of his set, he switched gears into the drum-and-bass realm, and brought the tempos to a nice peak as the room prepared itself for Mord Fustang.


Personal Bias: I didn't know what to think of Feed Me this time around, but Mord Fustang certainly raised an eyebrow or two.

By The Way: TJANI opened the night up, and though I don't think we got much of his personal producing efforts, he was a great opener, and he had the crowd jumping at 8:30.

Random Detail: The energy was set on high last night for all the talent, and they each played hard sets that didn't take away from each other.

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