Fell to appear on upcoming soundtrack

The shoegaze narcopop of Fell will be appearing on the soundtrack for The Deepest Blue, an upcoming movie from first-time writer/director Dustin Lane, slated to release in 2010. Fell member Bryan Romero reports that Lane found the band on MySpace, looking for some appropriately "sad music for a sad movie" -- which, given Fell's languid melancholia, sounds like a perfect fit. How many songs and which ones is yet to be determined, but Romero says the director is considering a number of tracks from A Farewell to Echoes and Incoherent Lullabies, the band's two upcoming releases.

The movie itself is about a prostitute with no family but her institutionalized brother who's trying to make a better life for herself in the face of disappointment, tragedy and loss. You can find out more about it at the film's website.

And if you haven't heard Fell yet, you should. The act, profiled in these pages this week, recalls early Verve, Slowdive and the mellower side of My Bloody Valentine. Catch Fell at the CD release show for A Farewell to Echoes this Friday, June 5 at Bender's Tavern.

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