Fishbone frontman gets down with Judge Roughneck on "Mirror in the Bathroom"

How rad is this: Judge Roughneck got Angelo Moore of Fishbone to sing on its new album. The tune? "Mirror in the Bathroom." Best part? He's coming to town to sit in with the guys next Saturday at Reggae on the Rocks. After frontman Byron Shaw literally dreamed up the concept, the outfit reached out to the West Coast funk punk legend through a mutual friend, and after listening to the tune, Moore was all in.

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The song is slated to appear on the new album, Pick You Up. The record, which is being produced by the group's trombonist, David Dinsmore, is three-quarters done, according to the band. Keeping with the times, Shaw and company have launched a Kickstarter campaign to help them cross the finish line. Massive props to the dudes for having the stones to hit Moore up to sing on the record and perform with the band. That's about as cool as Gordon Gano sitting in with the Dirty Femmes, or FaceMan getting to jam with the Dirty Dozen Brass Band. Hey, you never know if you don't ask, right?

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