Five lyrics T.I. may have spit to convince suicidal man to step back from the ledge

In a audacious move yesterday, T.I. intervened and helped convince a suicidal man from leaping off a 22-story building in Atlanta that houses radio station V103. The, rapper also known as Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr., reportedly caught wind of the situation on the radio and phoned in to offer his help and subsequently shot a short video clip that was then shown to the gentleman threatening to jump.

While we have no idea what words of wisdom T.I. offered, we suspect that if he delivered it the form of his own lyrics, these are the five most likely lines he rapped -- lines which, ironically, may now, in turn, inspire him as he cools his heels in the hooskow for the better part of the next year.

1. "..You can have whatever you like..." If T.I. spit this line, it was likely to help the man realize that he can have goals and can achieve them, but only if he stepped down off the ledge. If he wants big stacks of cash, he can have it. If he wants Patron on ice, he can have that, too. Although, we're guessing that the ledge lingerer probably wasn't too concerned with that last item, particularly if vertigo had kicked in.

2. "...But why the rubber band/It representin' the struggle, man...." This rhyme is applicable to many situations, but especially in this case. Assuming he did invoke this couplet, we imagine that T.I. inevitably followed that up with something like, "and just the like the rubber band, you'll snap back from this."

3. "...You can look me in my eyes/See I'm ready for whatever/Anythang, don't kill me/Make me better..." This quatrain is beyond motivational (not to mention cliche), but also epically empathetic, letting the suicidal southerner see that even guys like T.I. have problems too, just like him. Granted, his problems are bigger than most, namely getting busted with ecstacy in West Hollywood, but hey, issues are issues, and we all have them.

4. "...Your values is a disarray/Prioritizin' horribly..." Here, T.I. is actually pointing out the problem and helping the helpless see where he may have slipped up in the past. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, and if you are peering over a ledge in downtown Atlanta, you probably have more than one.

5. "..See what you need to do is take a chilly-willy pill. Go and chill yo ass out, for they deal you ass out..." Sound advice and a fair warning of what might happen if it is not taken. This is what makes T.I. the under appreciated social worker that he really is. This, and the fact that after nearly every drug/gun related arrest, he somehow finds a remarkable way to prove his martyr status through the media.

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