Five terrible holiday parody songs

There's just something about this time of year that inspires people to record parodies. Jack Black and Jason Segal just spoofed the David Bowie and Bing Crosby classic, "Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy," and yesterday, Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly premiered their version of the tune. Click through for five of the more gut-wrenching parodies we've seen.

5. Robert Lund's "Feliz Navidad" parody, "Police Nabbed My Dad"

We understand doing parody is pretty hard. Even so, this one didn't have even a remote chance for success. We're guessing the whole thing came about when someone misheard the lyrics of the song one day while driving around, but that's usually the type of thing you just chuckle to yourself about, not record a terrible holiday song about.

4. Anything but humans doing "Jingle Bells"

The first time we heard dogs doing "Jingle Bells," we thought it was silly. Then it became annoying. Then it became rage-inducing. If you ever needed proof that we're all idiots and doomed to die of idiocy, here it is. We're actually not sure if this falls under parody or a cover song, but either way, it's terrible.

3. "Blue Vista"

We're no strangers to nerdery here, but sometimes people just take their dorkdom too far. The fact that this dude goes through the entire process of brainstorming and releasing this parody song, which apparently took, like, three seconds to come up with, just means it's even harder to swallow. We'll be honest, it probably wouldn't have been so bad had the dude not apologized so much throughout the introduction. He goes on to dance with his dog, so there's that, too.

2. Jeff Dunham, "Jingle Bombs"

We're not entirely certain why so many people seem to think Jeff Dunham is funny, because as the above video demonstrates, he's not. Toss in this ridiculous ventriloquism act and a song about terrorism, and we're pretty certain this is one of the stupidest Christmas parodies around.

1. Larry the Cable Guy "Holiday Song Medley"

Hey, look at that: We figured out the best way to ruin Christmas! Just get a redneck, racist comedian persona to come up with redneck, racist parody songs. Simple as that. PC leanings aside, If you're going to break social rules, at least be funny about it! At least we have a new benchmark for "lowest common denominator."

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