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Five things non-Lasers need to know about Lasers, Lupe Fiasco's diehard fans

Lupe Fiasco is playing City Hall tonight. Maybe you consider yourself a fan. You might bump The Cool every now and again -- hell, you might even loosely relate to the nerd-turned-cool kid premise. Chances are, you're probably not a diehard, sleep outside in the rain for concert tickets type of fan. Those fans aren't fans; they are Lasers. They're devoted, determined and dialed in. Page down to get the drop on the five things non-Lasers need to know about Lasers. And then, whether you're a Laser or not, leave a comment below for a chance to win a pair of tickets to tonight's show. We'll draw two winners around 4 p.m. (forewarning: we have hard tickets, so you'll need to stop by our office and pick them up).

5. Lasers like acronyms. E.N.D. an acronym for "Everywhere, Nowhere, Down-there." There have been rumors of Lupe's retirement for years, yet this reference, used by Lasers everywhere, laughs in the face of an ending of nerdy, cool boy rap. L.A.S.E.R.S, the fandom namesake breaks down to "Love Always Shine Every-time Remember 2 Smile."

4. Free Chilly Chill "Free Chilly Chill" is a throw to Lupe's friend Charles "Chilly" Patton, who is serving 44 years in prison on drug charges. The reference is a battle cry that will be understood by all Lasers, those that are not new to this, but true to this.

3. Lasers hate Lasers After grueling compromise (and a protest, but more on that later) the album was finally released to a grumpy recepition from the die-hard fans. Largely considered poppy, watered down and compromising to Lupe's core message, Lasers is loathed by Lasers, who decried the album's content. Don't get your hopes up for "Out My Head," the catchy joint featuring Trey Songz, even if you like that one -- which you probably do because, well, you're not a Laser.

2. NObama Wearing your Obama 2012 sticker to City Hall is like wearing your favorite red hoodie at a Snoop Dogg show. You're on the wrong side, homie. Lupe has spouted some particularly harsh words for El Presidente in the past. Lasers are not fans of the state. Lasers are enemies of the state.

1. Rally for change Lasers are known for assembling en mass to protest any harsh practices against Fiasco. Back in 2010, the Lasers forcing Lyor Cohen to emerge from the Atlantic Records building blasting the MC's music from the new album on a boom box to prove to gathered fans that the record was coming. Lasers don't fucking play. If things ever go awry in any fashion, you can expect the black arm bands to come out with a quickness.

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