Flier of the week: Bass Invasion at Cervantes'

The kind of quasi-military design seen here seems to be gaining popularity these days. Perhaps that's a reflection of the militaristic times we live in, or maybe it just fits the feel of dubstep, which is also gaining popularity. Or maybe it's just that big-ass guns and the heavy metal thunder of shock and awe kick ass. Hard to say. But we kind of dig it, even though we're peace-loving sorts here. Must be the steady diet of GI Joe cartoons and Arnold Schwarzenegger movies we grew up on. In any case, the sharp looking design here really caught our eye, what with that helicopter doing a massive bass drop over the mountains -- kind of appropriate for the biggest dubstep event in the region to date! Sub.Mission is bringing in Skream and Caspa, both shit-hot DJ/producers in the style, plus a slew of other fine entertainers, for a two-day event this weekend at Cervantes'. Even if you aren't headed down, you can enjoy this fine flier's lovely stencil work, military iconography and spot-on appropriate imagery. We know we did. Enjoy it even larger by clicking on it.

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