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Aaron Thackeray

Readers: A Foo Fighters Love Fest Breaks Out in Denver

When the Foo Fighters showed up in Denver and rocked hard on October 10, frontman Dave Grohl made sure everybody in the crowd knew just how much he loved being here. Westword's coverage of the show elicited excited comments from readers who couldn't get enough of the band, and who had a great time Wednesday night. The consensus was clear: The Foo Fighters put on an unbelievable set.

Here's what readers have to say:

Emily writes:

There's no doubt in my mind Dave Grohl loves what he does every single night!! What a great show!!

Cody agrees:

Fantastic show!

Chris notes:

I am amazed they can still pack that size of arena.

Lorenza explains how they can:

They give a 100% every time. It was awesome.

And Helen laments as anyone who wasn't at the concert might:

Damn we missed out.

Read more of our Foo Fighters coverage below:

Foo Fighters played the Pepsi Center on Wednesday, October 10.EXPAND
Foo Fighters played the Pepsi Center on Wednesday, October 10.
Aaron Thackeray

"Foo Fighters Took Denver on a Rock-and-Roll Ride With Ups and Downs"

Foo FightersEXPAND
Foo Fighters
Aaron Thackeray

"Review: Foo Fighters at the Pepsi Center, 10/9/11"

Foo FightersEXPAND
Foo Fighters
Aaron Thackeray

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"Live Review: Foo Fighters and Year-Long Disaster at Red Rocks"

Early in the October 10 set at the Pepsi Center, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl made it clear that the crowd was in for a long fucking night, just as he had the last time the band played at the Pepsi Center — seven years ago, almost to the day.

“We’ve been a band for almost 25 fucking years now,” Grohl said to the audience while playing the opening chords to “Something for Nothing." “We got a lot of songs we got to play tonight. Right? You want 25 years worth of shit tonight? I can do that. Tonight we’re going to play something off of every fucking record we’ve made. We’re going to work backwards. We’re going to go back in time. How about that shit? How about the old-school fans? You want to go back in time? Saddle up, partner. It’s going to be a fucking long-ass ride.”

Read the complete review here. Were you at the show? What did you think? Post a comment or email editorial@westword.com.

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