Mr. Midas, Pries, Rockie, LKeys
03.25.11 | Rockstar Lounge

Foodchain, Mr. Midas, Pries, Rockie, LKeys at Rockstar Lounge, 3/25/11

Last night at Rockstar Lounge, there was a plethora of rappers, instruments and singers on hand for a free show being touted as "history in the making" and featuring LKeys, Pries, Rockie, Midas and the Foodchain, who all brought the motherfucking ruckus.

As is typical of most rap shows, there was a lot of milling around and about before the show started. KDJ Above kept the vibe funky as we eased into the evening. Before too long, throngs of people made their way into the venue. Free shows on Friday night are effective promotion tools, as evidenced by the packed house.

There were no surprises. The sound system was on point, no one forgot the words, and to our knowledge, no punches were thrown. A few highlights included LKeys (a newer face amongst the crowd) paying homage to Biggie with a few lines from the cult hit, "Juicy." The hip-hop heads were nodding and everyone rapped along with the track like it was 1993.

Rockie brought out Adam Duncan for "Cover Girl," which gave all sorts of girls the opportunity to strut around the club smiling for the flashing lights. Rockie later said he was a little under the weather, a fact not apparent during his energetic set, which included a preview of a new song.

J. Carey appeared so comfortable he probably could have crooned for the rest of the night. Pries brought a gang of folks onstage with him, including backup singers, and rolled out his new joint, "Rock and Roll," which got a good response from the crowd.

Mr. Midas, still riding the Son of the Crack Era wave, pretty much got right down to business by making the walls shake with bass from his track, "Feelin Me" and a few others that got the point across. Feeding off the enthusiasm from the crowd, Midas' booming voice could probably have been heard from blocks away.

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Headlining the show and closing out the evening was The Foodchain. Bringing the full band, the group ran through its set with vigor and measured confidence. Adding a new Nate Dogg tribute to the set was a good look.

All together, it was a great night. After the show, a large portion of the crowd headed down to Sutra to continue swaying in the sheen of hip-hop utopia, and those who didn't, most certainly went home happy.

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