Former Ghost Buffalo frontwoman Marie Litton returns with Lil Thunder and a brand-new EP

Marie Litton has always had such a lovely voice. It was a sad day for all of us when Ghost Buffalo broke up a few years ago. Inevitably, though, as is typical with these sorts of things, we ended up with two great bands as a result of the split: Il Cattivo -- which features Jed Kopp and Matt Bellinger from Ghost, as well as Brian Hagman, Matty Clark and Holland RockGarden -- and Lil Thunder, the outfit fronted by (and named after) Litton.

Lil Thunder just released a self-titled, six-song EP, recorded at Black In Bluhm by Chris Fogal of the Gamits and TaunTaun. Three consecutive spins in, let's just say it's great to hear Litton's voice again. Bolstered by her bandmates, bassist Joey Coloroso, drummer Dan Fox and guitarist Tom Ventura, she's delivered an excellent record that more or less picks up where Ghost Buffalo left off, particularly on tracks such as "I'm Like a Record." As with Ghost Buffalo, Litton's voice carries her aching lullabies, which are filled with her honest, introspective, heart-torn lyrics.

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Dave Herrera
Contact: Dave Herrera